Josh Thurlow

Producer, Recording Engineer and Mix Engineer

About Me

As a musician first, I’ve always understood the needs of artists in a production environment. Everything is about trust and trust comes from taking a deep interest in the song and giving your music the attention to detail that it deserves. I take pride in everything I do, from plugging a microphone to finding that perfect reverb. Of course, not every song is the same. They all need something different which is where my experience can help me. A kick drum in metal should never sound the same as a kick drum in pop. My own skill as well as understanding your needs is how we can make a great sounding record together.
I’ve been in the music industry for 4 years now and in that time I’ve gained over a 100,000 listens on projects I’ve been involved in, as a producer and a guitarist; I’ve had radio play on BBC Radio and stations in 15 countries. I come from an indie rock background but I’ve worked on productions from glam rock to rock ‘n’ roll (emulating a 50s sound on modern gear was so so fun). My musical vocabulary is strong and professional so communication of ideas is always a breeze.
My main focus always is to ensure that clients always feel extremely proud of their work with me.